Mirajane "Demon Woman"[n 12] Strauss (ミラジェーン・ストラウス Mirajēn Sutorausu?) is a 19-year-old S-Class wizard who serves as a barmaid and administrator at Fairy Tail, and occasionally appears as a cover girl on the

Mira mirajane jane fairy tail anime.jpg
NAME : Mirajane Strauss
GUILDS : Fairy Tail
STATUS : Active
MAGIC : Take Over Magic (Demon Woman)

fictional Sorcerer's Weekly magazine.[ch. 2] Her name comes from a video game Hiro Mashima was playing while creating her character.[vol. 2:afterword] She is a very cheerful, kindhearted, yet somewhat absentminded young woman who rarely displays anger towards others,[ch. 25] though as a child, Mirajane is much more rambunctious, holding a particularly fierce rivalry with Erza Scarlet .[vol. 15:omake] She is the oldest of three siblings including Elfman and Lisanna, who each specialize in magic called Take Over (接収(テイクオーバー) Teiku Ōbā) that allows them to transform into creatures they have previously encountered. Mirajane uses a specific variety of Take Over magic called Satan Soul (サタンソウル Satan Sōru) with which she can transform into a demon with enhanced physical speed and strength.[ch. 117,118] She can also mimic other people's physical appearance and voice.[ch. 52] She loses her Take Over powers and retires from performing missions after losing Lisanna when she is 17 years old,[ch. 54,55] but regains her power during the Battle of Fairy Tail and uses Satan Soul to duel with Freed Justine after he wounds Elfman. She and Lucy host the "Emergency Request! Explain the Mysteries of Fairy Tail" sections at the ends of the manga volumes where they answer reader questions. In the Japanese version of the series, Mirajane is voiced by Ryōko Ono .In the English dub, she is voiced by Monica Rial

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