Carla (シャルル Sharuru?) is a white-furred Exceed and Wendy Marvell 's partner. She is capable of using Aera magic as with Happy.[ch. 135] Having the ability of precognition, Carla is capable of seeing visions of future locations and events. Though Carla is unaware that she is the daughter of the Exceeds' queen Chagot, she inherits her

Charle fairy tail anime manga picture image フェアリーテイル
NAME  : Carla
GUILD  : Fairy Tail
STATUS  : Active
MAGIC  : Exceed Magic (Wings)

precognitive powers from the queen. She is evacuated from Edolas to Earthland as an egg following Chagot's premonition of their realm's destruction, which is covered up as a mission to kill Dragon Slayers. Upon being hatched and taken under the care of the six-year-old Wendy, Carla has a premonition of future events. Despite misinterpreting the queen's fake orders as real, Carla decides to protect Wendy.[ch. 176,198] As a representative of Cait Shelter, she joins Wendy to defeat Oracion Seis, and when Carla meets Happy, she initially shuns him.[ch. 135,167] Only after discovering Happy's resolution to defy their mission does she become friendlier with him.[ch. 175] Carla eventually forgives Chagot for her ruse after the queen admits her deeds.[ch. 198] In the anime series, her voice actress is Yui Horie .

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